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Feminism doesn’t equal a dirty home

Don’t really get all the fuss around women’s rights? Think that this movement has more downsides than upsides? If you’re one of those who believe that feminism equals dirty homes and neglected children, browse through the following few paragraphs. They should help you get a better insight into the matter at hand. They might even change your mind!

What the term feminism really stands for

One thing that people often don’t realize is the fact that feminism is a word for a number of different movements. If you don’t agree with the worldview of one or more of them, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be against feminism in general. For example, there are a couple of more radical feminist movements that focus completely on women’s rights. That might sound a bit unfair, especially coming from a group characterized by being oppressed.

But the defining characteristic of feminism in general is not fighting against male privilege. Instead, it’s fighting against patriarchy. This means that the enemy aren’t men, but the society in which we all live. That being said, feminism is about making both women and men escape the confines of oppressing social beliefs.

Why we believe women should do the cleaning in the first place

When it comes to housework and taking care of children, we’re used to it being done by women. Many people still believe it’s because women are more fit to those types of responsibilities, that it’s in their nature to clean and care for the offspring. This is very far from the truth. The real reason why women clean more is the simple fact that unlike men, they’re judged for not being tidy. If they weren’t judged like that, they would be as tidy or messy as men are.

What feminist households really look like

The point of feminism is not to stop doing housework altogether. If you’re not good at it, you can always hire a carpet cleaner, hire a steamer, or simply hire a cleaning woman. It’s about making sure both men and women are in it together. After all, families should be based on cooperation and mutual respect. That’s why feminism is not a movement that goes against family values, but one that ultimately reinforces them.