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The importance of Satire

Is There Place for Satire in Today’s Society


Where does satire come from and is there place for it in modern society? Joe Randazzo would have us believe that it is an essential part of it, at least when we’re talking about free societies. And we like to think of our society as a free one. Let’s take a closer look at satire to see if we can come to an agreement with the former editor of one of the most popular satirical programs, namely The Onion.

Some of the first examples of satire can be found in scripts for Greek plays. These were often comedies in which main parts were played by actors dressed as Satyrs. These half-men half-goats were what gave the name to an entire category of art. Satire as such is characterized by its humorous approach to people and events, but what’s of the greatest importance here is the fact that it always had political connotations.

But why politics? The reason behind this is actually pretty simple. Humor can be used to twist a situation in every way imaginable. This is very convenient when your main goal is to prove a point. In other words, satire allows you to twist any one situation in a way that sheds light on what you’re trying to communicate to others. It’s the main technique of people who use satire as a way of expressing their political point of view. Another reason why we use satire for political discussions is the fact that humor makes such debates a lot more entertaining.

Since today’s society is plagued by all sorts of complex problems, we need critical reflection more than ever. Satire provides a simple and effective way of making people more involved in politics. In conclusion, it seems that Joe Randazzo was right when he said that we need satire if we want to make our society better. This sounds even more true when we consider the fact that the more freedom people have, the more satirical works they produce.